Welcome to the original, contemporary, Rock & Soul Music of Humankindness.

Challenging, packed with hooklines and infectious grooves, it’s easy to enjoy yet hard to pin down.

Playing the songs of writer and singer Steve Mitchell, the music is warm and welcoming but bristling with power and adventure.

The new single Heading North is a bittersweet slice of gritty alt-country rock, driven by it’s infectious, spiralling chorus and follows on from the debut album Humankindness.

Humankindness have a fast-growing reputation as a formidable live band.

Lead guitarist Glynn Olsen’s explosive  jazz & blues style is the perfect counterpoint to Mitchell’s soulful electric slide and abstract breaks. The fluid, inventive drums and bass of Bruce McGregor and Danny Sugar are the band’s powerplant beating heart. Keyboard player Paul Jeffries weaves through the sound with extra textures, melodies and vocals.

The songs set incisive lyrics to a unique and instinctive blend of rock, soul, blues, funk and singer-songwriter styles to create music that hooks you straight in.

Humankindness are currently self-managed, based in New Zealand and set for travel.

HUMANKiNDNESS: Paul Jeffries, keyboards, vocals; Bruce McGregor, drums; Steve Mitchell, vocals, slide guitar, guitar; Glynn Olsen, lead guitar, guitar, Robert Sissons, sound; Danny Sugar, bass, graphic & web design. Special guest singers: Trudi Wilson, Hannah Gibson.


YouTube: Humankindness & Steve Mitchell

All original words & music strictly © Steve Mitchell.  APRA member.


Deville, New St, Nelson. Friday, Jan 13th from 8pm.

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